12 Minibattles Online

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12 MiniBattles is an amazing mix of small games that you can play online and for free on games.iblogger.in. If you enjoy playing one button battle games with friends so much, you don’t know which one you should start with, here are 12 MiniBattles that will keep you and your pal entertained for a couple of hours. Play soccer matches, gangster duels, golf battles, wrestling fights and much more. This fun-addicting 2 player game selects one of these twelve games randomly, so you will have to prove what you are made of in each and every one of them.

It’s astounding how fun one button games can actually be. Play with your best friend and use the keys A and L to make these cute little avatars move, fly and fight. You can also play by yourself and double challenge yourself. You don't even have to choose which game to play by yourself, the CPU will make that decision for you, so you can concentrate on performing well in each little game. Do you know how fun it is to play one button games? Imagine 12 of them! Have fun with these 12 MiniBattles!

Controls: A = Player 1, L = Player 2

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