Don't Shit Your Pants Game

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Don't Shit Your Pants is a funny text adventure game. The aim of the game is simple: Try not to shit your pants. You will figure out how not to defecate in your britches easily enough, but to get the 10 achievements, you have to experiment. Type in whatever you think your cornered character is supposed to do with his urgent need. What is hidden behind the door? The living room? Or maybe there will be a wonderful piece of art made out of porcelain that will help you to get one step closer to your ultimate goal, not to shit your pants.

Type in "play" to get the game started. From this point on you can type in pretty much everything you want and try to stop this funny figure from embarrassing himself. It is probably a good idea to remove your pants before you start going about your business, right? Find out how to master this game and have much fun with Don't Shit Your Pants, online and for free on!

Controls: Keyboard