Pixel Warfare 5 Online

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Pixel Warfare 2 is a fascinating Shooter, influenced by the very popular Minecraft graphics and you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. Play another version of the Minecraft-inspired FPS war shooter. Choose your team and enter the world of Pixel Warfare 2! Your goal is to take out your rivals and kill 'em, before they can defeat you and your team.

This mode is called "Team Deathmatch" and common in lots of different shooting games. This mode is very popular among gaming lovers and can provide you with lots of fun for hours and hours. You can choose between 10 different weapons so you can figure out which one suits you the most. Be careful because the players who die will respawn almost immediately. Have fun with Pixel Warfare 2!

Controls: WASD = Move, Space = Jump, R = Reload, 1-6 = Weapons, Tab = Menu